Grand Shivalaya Hotel And Restro

Free…. Free….Free….

Free complementary items and Discount Offer

Now we are offering some

free complementary items


discounts  for our Facebook followers.

To get free one of our complementary items and 10-15% discount in our items, guest must follow following requirements.

  1. Guest must follow, check in or share on of the posts in our Facebook pages. Our Facebook page is  Facebook Grandshivalaya Hotel And Restro  
  2.  Guest must come with minimum of two people.
  3.  Guest must order other items in minimum of 5oo Rupees. 
  4.  Guest must say to our waiter or to reception a code sentence given here.

“” शिव सबैमा छन् सबै शिवमा छन्, याे बुझेकाले मात्र शिव पाउने छन् । “”

List of   Free complementary   items 

momo japanese 3

Japanese MOMO for free

18 Newari chhoila 1

Chhoila for free

9 Newari food sukuti

Sukuti for free

14 Newari food Chatamari with chhyang

Chatamari for free

p hukka1

Hukka for free

11 Newari food mix chatamari

Bara for free

43 Mocktail2

Mocktail Pina Colada for free

44 mocktail3

Mocktail Strawberry Diaquiri for free 

42 Mocktail1

Mocktail Blue Laguna and others for free

p4 Drink alcohol for free1

Chhyang & Tinpane Local Raksi for free

p14 Drink alcohol for free2

Chhyang from Surahi pot

p16 Drink alcohol for free3

Tinpane Local Raksi + Japanese pot

Don’t forget to Come, Enjoy, take Photos and Upload in social media, leave review in our social media pages. 

You Are Welcome